When is the Persian Parade?

When is the Persian Parade?

The Persian Parade takes place each year in the second week of April. For the exact date and start time, check this website in Fall.

Where does the Persian Parade take place?

The Persian Parade marches down Madison Avenue in New York City,between 38th street and 26th street.

Are there other events following the actual parade procession?

Yes! Once the parade ends at 26th Street and Madison Avenue, there is a day of family-friendly entertainment, music and food available in Madison Square Park. Check back in Spring for exact time and locations.

I want to get involved with the Persian Parade. How can I?

Thank you for your interest! The Persian Parade depends on support from the New York area community. You can get involved by volunteering , sponsoring a float or advertisement during the parade, or attending an event in honor of the Persian Parade throughout the year. Visit our events page or contact info@nypp.org to learn more.

What events do you hold throughout the year?

Besides the Parade itself, the Persian Parade Foundation brings the community together with several cultural events. Charshanbeh Souri, the annual Fashion Show, and dinner parties at leading Persian restaurants take place throughout the metro area. Click on our events calendar to learn more, or contact info@persianparade.com

Where can I donate to the Persian Parade?

Thank you for your generous support of the Parade! Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the New York Persian Parade Foundation.