Statment 2017

Statement from Persian Parade Foundation on 14th Annual Parade

Sepandārmazgān اسفندگان

Sepandārmazgān (Persian: سپندارمذگان‎‎) is a Zoroastrian festival. This day is dedicated to Spənta Ārmaiti (Avestan for "Holy Devotion", Spandārmad in Middle Persian, Persian: سپندارمذ‎‎ Spendārmad or Sepandarmaz), the Amesha Spenta who is given the domain of "earth". The date of the festival as observed in the Sassanid era was on the 5th day of the month Spandarmad

شاهنامه دست نویس

قدیمی ترین شاهنامه دست نویس دنیا در کتابخانه ملی شهر فلورانس ایتالیا

Be Part Of The Persian Parade

be part of the Persian paradePersian Cultural Foundation

نشان شیر و خورشید

اين نوشته به فروهرِ صمدخان ممتاز السلطنه، وزير مختار ايران كه توانست با كوشش هاي پيگيرش در كنفرانس ژنوِ سال 1284 خورشيدي، در كنار صليب سرخ، نشان شيروخورشيد سرخ ايران را به تصويب برساند، پيشكش مي شود

2016 New York Persian Parade was a huge success!

Every year, a sea of green, white, and red blankets Madison Ave as over 200,000 people line the streets of NYC in celebration.

It is online the new Persian Parade website!

With a modern and attractive design, it is designed to be easy to use for users of all ages.

13th annual Persian Parade confirmed

The New York Persian Parade Foundation today confirmed plans for the 13th Annual Persian Parade.

12th annual Persian Parade confirmed

The Persian Parade Foundation is proud to announce the annual Persian Parade to be held on Sunday, April 19, 2015, starting at 12:00 p.m. The parade will start from the famed Madison Avenue at 38th Street and continue to 26th Street.