Sadeh, ancient Iranian festival

Saturday, January 28th

7.00 Pm

Armenian Society

39 - 03 Little Neck Parkway, Little neck, NY 11363

Info: (631) 921-6192

(914) 656-5918

Ticket ; 60 $ - Children ( 5 - 12) 40 $

Guest Communications:

Greetings Dear Dr Mahshidkhanom Arfania-Asadi and Dr Cyrus John Asadi Et al,

You once again hosted a most hospitable venue, jashne Sadeh, that theovercapacity crowd immensely enjoyed last evening. It was certainly such aheartfelt pleasure to be in the company of our very diverse compatriots, whilelistening to divine Persian music and dance, indulge in the Persian cuisine,intoxicate with the Shiraz wine, and have the opportunity to catch up withfriends and acquaintances.

For all the above and much more, and for your lifelong dedication to showcasingour culture as exemplified by your continued commitment to the NY PersianParade, we appreciate it, remain eternally indebted, and would only wish youand your loved ones the best in health and happiness, and success andprosperity, AMEN

Fondly yours with LOVE,

Fariba and Davood Rahni Et al

David N. Rahni, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry
Chair, Faculty Council (West)
Pace University


Dear Dr. Mahshid Assadi and Dr. Cyrus Assadi, et al,

We would like to express our appreciation for your dedication and contribution to our community for planning and hosting event such as jashne Sadeh that we all enjoyed on Saturday night. It was a blessing pleasure to be in the company of great people and enjoying music, dance, and Persian cuisine and celebrating our cultural heritage.

With regards,

Nasrin and Ali Afshar, et al

Ali Afshar, PhD

Transportation Planner

& Modeler